West Vancouver and Argyle Pipers gear up for must-win game in West Division

Exciting news for football fans as West Vancouver and the Argyle Pipers are set to play in what promises to be a thrilling West Division match. Both teams have won three games and lost two, making them evenly matched. This game is crucial as the winner will secure an opening for second place in the division. Fans can look forward to an intense game as both teams give it their all to come out on top.

The Pipers began their season strong, scoring 47 and 39 points respectively in their first two games while also shutting out their opponents. However, they have struggled in their most recent three games, scoring no more than 14 points in a victory over Sullivan Heights. Nevertheless, the offensive unit led by Dylan Dykema has shown an ability to produce points, and the Pipers’ defence is well-equipped to handle the Highlanders’ threats.

Meanwhile, West Vancouver has been on a roll in October, heading into this crucial matchup on a three-game winning streak. Despite losing their first two games, the Highlanders have shown remarkable resilience and determination, bouncing back to win their next three games emphatically. They even managed to shut out Ballenas and Nanaimo District, scoring 15 points and 36 points respectively in the process.

Both programs share an identical record and are ranked third and fourth on the table. In second place is Windsor who will take on Sullivan Heights, a team that will play with everything on the line. Should Sullivan Heights come away with a win, Argyle or West Van will claim the second spot in the standings, adding to the excitement of an already evenly-matched and important game.

Both teams have their strengths, and this game could go either way. The Highlanders are a threat on both ends of the ball, and with a hot streak heading into the final games of the season, West Vancouver could be a dangerous program to come across. Fans of both teams are in for a treat as they witness what could be the game of the week.

Tejpaul Garcha

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