Prestigious Summer Basketball Camp MADEHOOPS Arrives in Vancouver

MADEHOOPS, a renowned basketball camp, is spreading its wings and taking its expertise across the border to British Columbia for the first time. With more than 200,000 social media followers, MADEHOOPS aims to provide aspiring young basketball players with the exposure they need to succeed. The camp has acquired a reputation and made connections across the basketball world, as demonstrated by the scheduled attendance of former NBA players Luke Ridnour and Cory Alexander at the Vancouver camp.

Rob Noonan, the event director, expressed his enthusiasm about the camp’s first appearance on British Columbia soil, saying, “For us, it’s a huge deal, being embraced by another country and a different culture we’ve never experienced is exciting. Giving kids an opportunity they might not know about, and sometimes they teach me more than we teach them in camps, and that helps us improve our camps for them.”

MADEHOOPS Camp Will Be Held out of the Richmond Oval

MADEHOOPS is committed to providing young athletes with the necessary resources and connections to elevate their game and get their names out into the basketball stratosphere. The camp offers intensive and competitive drills and competitions, as well as a thorough prospect evaluation that NCAA coaches and scouts can access. Player profiles, all-star teams, and articles allow scouts to familiarize themselves with young athletes’ games, which often come full circle.

“We have had coaches that will come back to me and say ‘I remember that kid that I coached in camp, and now I’m recruiting him’,” said Rob.

MADEHOOPS is also dedicated to discovering hidden gems and recognizing the talent and growth of basketball across the border, as Canadian NBA and NCAA athletes continue to rise in numbers.


The landscape of Canadian basketball is changing, and as it grows, the ability to offer new opportunities to the next generation of Canadian hoopers becomes increasingly important. DRIVE Basketball assistant director Karn Sharda emphasizes the importance of providing opportunities that he did not have growing up, and the need to get kids’ names out there earlier so that scouts can come here sooner.

“Coaches from different clubs are coming, and it is probably the first time everyone is coming together to make sure there is a great opportunity for the kids,” Sharda said. The excitement is palpable among the kids, who are thrilled to have access to a camp like MADEHOOPS. “It’s going to be a totally brand new experience, and one of a kind because they can play for themselves and get their names on the map,” Sharda added.

This single camp is a way to unite coaches and camps and take a step forward together to unite the regions as one. The coaches involved in the camp emphasized the importance of strength in numbers and using these new opportunities to not only develop the product for British Columbia kids but also provide a path for kids in neighbouring provinces to expand their horizons in their basketball careers.

In conclusion, MADEHOOPS and camps like it offers aspiring young basketball players the opportunity to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. The dedication and enthusiasm of the coaches and organizers involved in these camps are inspiring, and they are helping to shape the future of Canadian basketball.

Tejpaul Garcha

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