Mulgrave Titans Dominating 2A Championship Run

Saturday afternoon, the 2A Championship game hosted the Pacific Christian Pacers against the Mulgrave Titans. All eyes were on the Vancouver Island team, as the Pacers tournament thus far had been one to watch. Although, the heavy favourited Mulgrave was back to the Finals after losing in 2022 against the Langley Christian Lightning. Nonetheless, Mulgrave had a home crowd to cheer them on and with a bench that can put on a show and out match any other to rally up their team spirit..

In the first 2 minutes of the quarter, each team battled for the first point of the board. After what felt like the most nerve wracking 3 minutes, Titans, Eva Ruse (#10, Grade 11), scored 5 points to gain the lead over the Pacers with 5 minutes left in the quarter, 7-3.

The last couple of minutes of the first quarter went by and Mulgrave was out pacing the Pacers and showed why they were the favorites, putting up a lead of 20 pounds by the end of the quarter. Mulgrave 30, Pacific Christian 10.

At the start of the second quarter, PCS’s heart warming spirit is keeping the girls alive, while the Pacers try and make improvements to get the Titans lead within reach. Jojo Tupas-Singh (#4, Grade 12) starts off the quarter, getting the girls pumped with her strongly contested 2-point layup getting the and 1. Strong start for PCS, only to be short lived. Titan’s Lucy Xu (#11, Grade 11) goes unguarded at the three point line, hitting back to back 3-point shots, finishing off any hope for the Pacers to catch any break this quarter, heading to halftime with a whopping 31 point lead over the Pacers. The Titans seem to have this game covered, 50-19.

Pacific Christian came into the last 20 minutes with a lot of hope. It was memorable to watch Eden Kremler, Jojo and Kiki Tupas-Singh smile and cheer their teammates on in the inevitable outcome to play out. Mulgrave continued to keep up their 30 point lead.

After back-to-back finals, Mulgrave Titans had become 2023 2A Senior Girls Provincial Champions winning against Pacific Christians Pacers 91-53.

Titan’s Lucy Xu, was named the Player of the Game, however when asked about how she felt about her performance, she could not boast enough the love for her teammates, “Definitely feels pretty amazing, us being able to comeback and win this time around. We were so close last year and coming back this time around and getting to do things together, it feels amazing.” Lucy continued, “I’m so proud of our team and how we were able to come together and fight that fight. The passion that we have and work together and most importantly have contributed to get us here and be in this moment right now.” Mulgrave was able to take it all, and looking forward, Lucy and the Titans are ready for the next year to repeat it all again.

Tejpaul Garcha

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