Bigger Than Basketball Game Returns to Spread Awareness Around Mental Health

Bigger Than Basketball event trophies.
2022 Bigger Than Basketball Awards for Girl’s & Boy’s All Star Games and 3PT Contest (ItsBiggerThanBBall / Instagram)

Taking care of your mental health is essential, and the Bigger Than Basketball Game reminds you that you are not alone in your fight.

What began as a showcase of talent in Abbotsford to push the messaging of mental health awareness blossomed into a celebrated event showcasing the premiere B.C. talent with the same focus.

In its short existence, the event has raised close to $10,000 for the Canadian Mental Health Association. The money raised helps put services in place for those in need, while the event brings the community together to support those struggling.

The event’s founder, Bradley Braich, is thankful to raise funds to help put services in place, but it isn’t the event’s focus.

“Money has always been the second goal. The first has been to get the message out and shine a light that athletes aren’t immune to mental illness and its okay to take time for yourself,”

Braich, is happy to have seen the event grow but is proud to see how it reached the community.

‘I’m humbled by how many people want to support the event. I know how much work goes into it, and last year paid off, and I’m hoping I took a few more risks to make the event even bigger,” said Braich.

Some things in life are bigger than basketball, the game we love dearly that some use as an escape, but the message here is clear, help is available.

“It’s easy to lose track of what’s important when your goal is to play university basketball, but I want these kids to know they are amazing human beings and that there is a community that has their back,” said Braich.

For many, reaching out for help and speaking about their struggles can be daunting, and the team hopes to bridge that gap as much as possible.

“You can tell someone, parents, coach or friends, or you can tell me, and we can get you a list of resources that we’ve used, or we go for a walk today, and I can tell you about where I’ve gone, and I just want what’s best for these players,” said Braich.

The event tips off at the Langley Events Centre on May 11th at 3:15 with a boys’ high school alumni game.

Tejpaul Garcha

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