Big Ticket 2022: What Went Down on Day 1 at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary

Day 1 was one for the books as teams opened their seasons to full crowds and gave it their all. Fans saw electrifying performances with games coming down to the wire. We’re here to fill you in on all that went down at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary last night

Lord Tweedsmuir 73 DEF. Grandview Heights 61                              

Tweedsmuir Shows Out for the Home Court.

What began as a close game between the two teams slowly turned into a one-sided affair. Tweedsmuir’s stellar defence and inside scoring helped them pull away in the third quarter, where they kept their foot on the gas, tallying a 20-point lead over the visitors.

Tweedsmuir’s Munroop Gill scored eleven of his 27 in the third quarter to help the Panthers win. Additionally, Trevon Arodie was everywhere tonight defensively with two resounding chase down blocks to set the tone, in addition to many steals, deflections and boards.

Grandview kept the game interesting in the first half but turnovers and struggles from deep as well as the line slowly worked against them as they found themselves facing a 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

Tweedsmuir looked fantastic in this game and take on Richmond Secondary tomorrow at home.

Richmond Secondary 77 DEF. Seaquam 53

The Colts Run Through the Seahawks

Richmond looked impressive this game, steamrolling the Seahawks in a 20+ point victory. Seaquam struggled to get it going on both ends of the floor, and Richmond capitalised on it, scoring easy points in transition.

Richmond made a great team effort defensively forcing turnovers leading to easy fastbreak points. The Colts also excelled in scoring tough baskets in the paint.

Richmond will face the host Tweedsmuir Panthers tomorrow in a competitive and tight matchup.

Sun Devils 67 DEF. Riverside Rapids 63

South Delta Completes Comeback in Dramatic Fashion

In perhaps the most dramatic finish of the nights the Sun Devils hold on to beat the Rapids in a thrilling ride.

Following a strong showing in the first half, the Rapids found themselves down 11 points in the second half. The Rapids’ gritty defensive plays spelt disaster for the Devils as

consecutive turnovers midway through the fourth quarter saw their 11-point lead dwindle down to two.

With 2:35 left on the clock, Sun Devils guard #8 was ejected from the contest receiving a technical foul, and the Rapids continued to put on the pressure.

Despite the Rapids giving it their all, free throws from point guard #4, and forward #9 off a clutch offensive putback put the game out of reach for the Rapids.

Guildford Park DEF. Panorama Ridge

Sabres Hold Off the Thunder

Guildford Park defeated Panorama Ridge in an exciting game and looked great today. Both teams came out of the gates firing, but Sabres C. J. Maracha helped his team move away with a dazzling performance in the first quarter, knocking down several jumpers from distance and getting to the basket at will.

After the game Maracha was asked about the team’s performance, “We looked pretty good, there’s a couple of things we need to clean up and work on. It was a good team effort, and we look forward to tomorrow’s game,” said Maracha.

Guildford Park will play against the South Delta Sun Devils at Lord Tweedsmuir at 8:15 PM.

Panorama Ridge opened the half with an emphatic fastbreak dunk and looked like a completely different team in the second half! The Thunder chipped away at the deficit, even coming as close as two points. However, the Sabres pulled away with a six-point swing to end the final game of the night.

Day 1 of the Big Ticket was everything we could’ve hoped for with intense games and incredible performances. Day 2 Is shaping up to be another special night for B.C. HighSchool hoops and you won’t want to miss it.

Tejpaul Garcha

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